How Long Before The Longhorns Actually Take The Field As An #SEC Member? Sooner than we think


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I haven’t read all the coverage of this, but I have three questions I haven’t seen addressed. 1 - Was this Sark’s plan from day one? On his first day on the job, did he call Riley and say “Let’s do this, dude!” 2 - Are either TX or OU allowing contact with current players for comment? Probably not, but I’ve gotta think they are pumped. 3 - Will some Longhorn recent decommits become recommits? And, of course, what about Arch Manning, the guy everyone wants? Does UT have a chance in hell, given this move?

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1. I have a hard time believing they didn't know something ahead of time. This had to be part of their pitch with Sark and Beard just based on the timeline.

2. No they are not allowing stuff like that at the moment.

3. I don't know that yet, but I the de-committed ecruits i have talked to seem unaffected. I am writing about Arch today so be on the lookout at